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Be Adventurous and Experience Richard Branson’s New Dive Site In The BVI

Diving is the most adventurous thing while one is travelling into the sea. Caribbean diving is also very famous adventure as you are searching treasures underwater on the demolished ship. Here Caribbean diving is built for the visitors, who want an experience of underwater travel through thrilling.

In 1941, the Kodiak Queenship was sunk and was founded and also survived near the Pearl Harbor. It was discovered in the British Virgin Islands as totally demolished and rusted. Now it is renovated as the underwater ship to the visitors while diving under the sea.

Here the Branson’s project is consisted not only the broken parts of the sea but also some artificial sceneries which can give joy to the visitors as a treasure hunter. The project is around $250,000 dollars of costs. Surprisingly, according to the hunting rules, the small boats are allowed to keep one diver into the sea and fell him in the sea with proper diving suite and types of equipment. He would search the treasures which are entirely made of artificial intelligence.

The ship was renovated with modern technologies and securities so that there create a hurdle in diving. One fake sea monster “Kraken” is present to attack the player as opposition. At last, if anyone can snatch the treasures and get back to the finishing point, he will win.

Accordingly, it is clear that the new project is not only suitable for diving but also famous for this type of underwater treasure hunting game. Here also, one can see the demolished ship, the coral reefs and also the efficiency of Artistic nature with the artificial intelligence.

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