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VIP Bedroom Double Beds Instead of Movie Hall Reclining Seats

Significantly, comfort is the top priority, when you watch a favorite movie of yours. In a home, you may lie in bed, but that’s relatively small screen projection than the movie theater. With this in mind, the Cinema Pathé, a new movie hall in Switzerland offers ‘VIP bedroom’ as the seats, where you sit, lay rest and enjoy the movie with style. 

That’s the magic of their seat arrangement plan, style, and decoration. Located at the northwesterly municipality of Spreitenbach; near the Swiss-German border, the Cinema Pathé is like a pioneer of combining movie watching in a cinema hall with luxury.

They surely, made some changes, starting replacing the seats with comfy double beds. They also understand and follow the hygiene protocol as per WHO and the state. They also scan for any immoral activities and prevent that if found. 

Keeping the hygiene manner is very necessary and important to everybody, this concept offering is very much unique in Switzerland. Additionally, its a tested concept in another part of the world and it resulting in a warming clap from everybody. Not to mention, there is a total of 11 double beds in their VIP bedroom at Cinema Pathé. The tickets will cost $42.57 USD or £37. It includes complimentary food and drinks item, while you watch the movie. 

Also, there is a total of 350 peoples capacity Imax cinema and also a theatre with mono and double sofas for cheap, who don’t like the much higher price point. Meanwhile, it turned into a must visit place, whether you are a tourist or local residents. 

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