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Experience An Unforgettable Night Sleeping Among Elephants In ‘JUNGLE BUBBLE’ Suites

Bubble tents have emerged all over the planet, giving people amazing views while calming happily. For example, in Iceland, you can fall asleep to the North lights. But an assets in Thailand is places their clear rooms among elephants. 

The Elephant resort Anatara Golden Triangle and camp in Chiang Rai set up a couple of see-through dome suites that are spirit of luxury. The tents were created by Eye in the sky and made from very high tech polyester fabric to keep guests relax with no issue to the weather. Each one of the 236 sq ft room has a king-sized bed, a full bathroom, minibar and a climate control device. There are also plush touches like slippers, cozy bathrobes, soft linens and twenty-four hour room service. 

 Definitely, the elephants are highlight, though. The jungle bubbles are balanced on an increased wooden platform on top of the forests that kept elephants at their home. So, you will get to “spend” a memorable might observing Thailand majestic elephants in their natural habitat from the relaxation of your very own, completely furnished, transparent jungle Bubble. 

If you want even more connection with elephants, the hotel also provides a “Walking With the Giants” experience. During that time, you will walk into the jungle with the wonderful animals and a biologist, what then play in the water, roll in the mud, eat from the trees, or just interact with one another. 

There is also the major player elephant arrival experience where guests take a longtail boat on the Mekong and are met on the resort. Gourmet picnic and elephant yoga with elephants are also accessible. 

To stay in the jungle bubble, you will need to primary book a stay at the resort and then reserve the bubble as an overnight activity. The suite generally costs roughly $650 per night. 

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