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Formula One-Inspired Airline Seat Innovation Seeks To Increase Passenger Comfort

It is not usual for airline firms to participate lavish car manufacturers to come up with new cabin design and features to enhance passengers comfort.

Recently, flying the Giant Emirates launched a new 1st class suite designed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, which is highly inspired by the S-class flagship sedan. One of the largest needs while crafting a passenger airplane’s interior is maximizing the utilization of space on board, without affecting any passenger comfort.

Tow Britain firms have collaborated to bring Formula one tech to commercial air flight. JPA Design and Williams Advanced Engineering teamed up to come up with an idea to seat for commercial flights built with a few of the similar advanced lightweight materials utilized in Formula one races.
Unveiled at the Passenger experience Conference in Germany, the new design promises to make a more soothing environment for airplane travelers and lower managing costs.

Our motor sports tradition has given us wide experience in the new creative use of lightweight materials and speedy product development to offer increased advantages to passengers and plane alike, stated, Craig Wilson, MD of Williams Advanced Engineering, in a press.

The maximization of available spots and the utilization of lightweight materials to do more in a similar level of space on an airplane is the heart of the job we do commercialize F1 derived tech.
The prototype airplane seat is made with William’s propriety lightweight techs named 223 & Racetrack.

According to the firm, the seat is made using ultra light, solid yet very affordable and recycled materials. JPA design come-up with MONOCOQUE features for the seat which uses carbon fiber composite molding as the major support structure which removes the need of conventional metallic sub-frame creating the seat much lighter, the prototype will take one more 1.5 years of development until it is ready for the aviation marketplace.

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