The Best Places to Eat Conch In The Caribbean

Conch is everywhere in the Caribbean and Bahamas. The big marine snail – technically a gastropod mollusk – represents a big part of Bahamian culture. This wonderful pink spiral shells are largely peddled on encounter, from chic sushi restaurants to roadside shacks to the famous Fish Fry eateries in Nassau. Beloved by visitors and locals alike, it is a diced and sliced into salads, fritters, burgers, chowders, pasta, and handheld patties. In short, you truly cannot come to the Bahamas and not eat the conch – it is pretty much the national food of Caribbean.

Chat N Chill, stocking Island
The conch salad at this wonderful island beach bar and restaurant 5 minutes off the coast of George Town, Great Exuma is made with the juice of cute local oranges instead of limes. It is an easy substitution that makes a tasty difference.

Oh Andros, Bahamas
Like lobster and shrimp, conch is simply overcooked. But the chefs at this busy restaurant at Nassau Arawak Cay (also called as the Fish Fry) know how to cook it just right, serving up tender, never rubbery conch in a big range of tasty iterations.

Potters Cay, Nassau
If you have already sampled Arawak Cay, try the charge from the string of Vendors underneath the eastern bridge between Paradise and Nassau Island, where the city’s taxis drivers get their lunchtime fix.

Billy Joes, Grand Bahama
Plucked straight from the ocean at this beachfront shack next to Grand Freeport Lucayan resort, Billy Joe conch salad is wonderful, and tastes top with a drizzle of their homemade warm sauce made from fiery local goat peppers.

Joes Conch Shack, Bahamas
The island of Bimini is popular for its bread but it should be equally famous for Joes, where the couch is forever super-fresh and his homemade goat pepper warm sauce packs a punch!

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